Sunday, January 8, 2017

Simple Coins 0.2.0 Build - Frustrations with GUI Creation

Simple Coins 0.20 Build Download

First Release of the Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2. Jar file goes in .minecraft/mod folder. You will need Forge Version 1.11.2-
 Adds two items and one block.
  • Iron Coin

  • Gold Coin
  • Mint

The two coins serve no special purpose but to enhance the Vanilla trading experience in Minecraft, more specifically in multiplayer. It provides more options to use as currency. You can also craft back to an iron or gold ingot by putting 4 coins (of the same variant) into a 2x2 square.
The mint has no purpose as of now. In the future, the mint will have the ability to make 4 coins out of 1 ingot. 

So throughout the entire day and last half of yesterday, I tried to add the GUI interface and functionality of the mint block through two ways. First, I tried to add it through the use of Containers and Interfaces without use TileEntity. But after some headbanging for a few hours, I tried to patch up what I had and include TileEntity. But unfortunately, this still did not work. I feel like the root of my issue is with the onBlockActivated() method. I included System.out.println("Right Click!") in the method to see if it's even detecting the right click but it is not. I feel like the issue is that the method does not want to take in "@Override" but needs it in order for it to work properly. For reference, I used this tutorial by Jabelar on building a block with a GUI interface. I'm going to rebuild the block from the ground up and release the next featured-build ( 0.3.0 ) with a working mint.

If there any problems you have with this build please comment below with your system specs and log file. I prefer you use GitHub or Google Drive.

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