Monday, January 9, 2017

onBlockActivated() - Not wanting to be Overriden

I solved the issue of onBlockActivated(...) not being accepted by @Override. So I first checked all the variables within onBlockActivated and the tutorial I was using to make sure they were similar. After some thinking I decided to use super.onBlockActivated(...), highlighted the super constructor in Eclipse and it told me the missing variables.

It's always the most stupid issues I get stuck on.

But I had another issue with implementing TileEntity. Immediately tried to extend my existing MintBlock class with BlockContainer instead of Block. However this led to the block being invisible in game. Rather then extend BlockContainer, I extended Block (like originally) and implement ITileEntityProvider.

I still need to add additional GUI classes but I should be able to get Version 0.3.0 Build released today. If you're following these same tutorials hopefully this helps you if you've had similar issues.

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