Saturday, January 7, 2017


So this is where it starts. I'm making a dev blog just so I can look back and see what I was working on in the past, reminiscing, etc. Not only that, but I hope some of my struggles I encounter here can be used by others who want to get started in programming in Java, Minecraft mods, or whatever I'm working on that can be of use of others.

Currently, I'm working on a mod called Simple Coins. It's simple, it adds iron and gold coins (maybe more in the future) with an associated crafting recipe. This mod is intended to be used in multiplayer settings where it can provide a more "Vanilla" role-playing trading experience with other players. While Emeralds are already the de-facto currency with villagers, it's slightly difficult to come by if you don't have a village nearby or you're not interested in collecting materials to trade with them.

Maybe in the future, I can include the coins as a way of trading with the villagers but that'll be later down the line and I feel like I would have to modify some of the game's code to do that (which I'm not sure can be done in Forge). But I'll be documenting my findings as I go along.

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